Complete Dares, Earn Rewards for Your Community

Take on dares and challenges to earn game keys, swag, and in-game content for you and your audience.


For the casual gamer

and the most daring

Dares and challenges vary in difficulty, check them out and accept as many as you dare to do.

Good luck

Have Fun

You’ll get a game key and attempt the dare with your fans cheering you on. The more you do, the more you win-for them.

Type: Combat
Level: Hard

Can’t Touch this

Beat a boss without taking damage

Can’t Touch this - Beat a boss without taking damage

Loot for your fans1 Necromunda: Hired Gun Steam key for viewers

Keys, swag, prizes

Gimmie the loot

Do the dare? Awesome. We’ll verify your clip, and send you the rewards within 24 hours.


I LOVE the idea of winning keys via Dares. It’s more engaging and creates a special bond with my community. When I win they win too.

Softwerker, Twitch

DareDrop has not only been an awesome way for my chat to challenge me, but putting bounties and creating challenges during FGC tournaments have never been easier.

SakiSakuraTV, Twitch

Enhancements for Dare Drop Pros

Find out for yourself, we triple dog dare ya.

Accept Dares From Fans

Encourage your fans to dare you too!


OBS Integrations

Twitch Panel

Get your viewers involved right from your channel.

Audio Alerts

Play fun sounds from Dares during your streams.