5⭐ YouTube Engagement

Navigating Unfamiliar Audiences on New Platforms.


With the upcoming release of Taxi Life, a taxi driving simulator in the street of Barcelona, Nacon wanted Taxi Life to stand above competing games and find what works to engage the simulator game community. Nacon needed an efficient tool that would allow them to reach the right audience at scale to drive mass engagement on multiple platforms.


The Dare Drop platform made it easy for Nacon to target creators with pinpoint accuracy to achieve maximum results, especially on YouTube. Taxi Life exploded on YouTube, bringing in 2.3M views, 800K of which were organic. For instance, TmarTn2, a 5.3M subscribers creator, was so enthralled that they kept going beyond their first dedicated video activation to deliver 5 more dedicated videos, organically averaging ~150K views per video

Not Stuck in Traffic

3.1M Watch Minutes on Twitch

211% of target watch time

Best Driver in Barcelona

2.3M YouTube views

13 organic videos made

A 5 Star Guarantee

2.5M TikTok views

454% over target

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