Flagship Title Launch

Launching with a Bang!


Owlcat Games desired to create a memorable bang for the Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader Launch window. With their previous experience of working with creators on Twitch and YouTube, Owlcat wanted a platform that would expand their reach and create viral content for their new title across NA and EUR regions.


By building momentum a few weeks before launch, Dare Drop was able to deliver a big launch drop for Owlcat's newest title. Using Dare Drop, Owlcat enrolled 180 Twitch and YouTube creators to generate 4 Million watch minutes to fuel a highly successful viral explosion suited for a Warhammer 40K IP title.

Wow, the Liveliness

8.2 Hrs avg stream time

Great Launch = Great Success

660% over target

Who said ''Big Bang''?

398 streams on Twitch

272,643 views on YouTube

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