Leveraging Playtests in the Marketing Engine

Building Community during Development


Mythic Protocol needed help connecting with the right creators to build audience pre-launch and gather quality feedback during their public playtests. The team needed a platform that can help them turn public playtests of specific parts of the game into content and scale to various regions like LATAM, NA & EU.


With Dare Drop, Mythic Protocol was able to reach their core rogue-like multiplayer shooter creator audience and scale additional outreach with variety streamers. Over the week-long playtest, 113 Creators  produced 2.5+ million watch minutes on Twitch, making up 89% of Global Watch Minutes for the game. Riftstorm's follower count also grew 2.5 times after the Drop.

The pre-release hype and community growth gave the Mythic Protocol team a strong foundation to generate mass product interest before their next beta tests and eventual release.

Slaying on Youtube

292k views and counting!

Being Tactical on Twitch

283 Dares completed

Playtesters a Plenty

Helped reach 30K playtesters.

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