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Juggling YouTube + TikTok + Twitch


Gearbox wanted to recruit hundreds of creators across multiple platforms, and in the past this required a lot of heavy manual outreach. It was also especially difficult when budgets and timelines changed last minute. The Gearbox team was seeking a bigger, faster approach, while ensuring large numbers of organic creators who met stringent targeting criteria.


By leveraging our proprietary tool, we streamlined the process of identifying suitable creators, ensuring exceptional content delivery consistently. Our proactive engagement approach with creators and their communities provides real-time access to campaign-generated content. With over 220 creators contributing diverse content, Gearbox now has a readily available pool of exceptional material for integration into their platforms.

Diversified Organic Content

Performed 493% over target across all platforms

Oh the Relevance!

9.7 hr avg stream time per creator

Never Miss a Beat

95% of creators are interested in the next Drop.

Our team wants to make your game our next success story

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