Long Live Golf With Your Friends

Constant Drops Drive Long-Term Engagement


GWYF first released in 2016 and needed to re-engage and expand their community. With multiple updates releasing each year, it was expensive maximizing traffic by recruiting new creators for every beat so they came to Dare Drop to find a cost effective way to build a domino effect with the strong community they already had (vs starting over every time).


Over the past several years, and with Dare Drop's help, Team17 has successfully transformed their creator base into a sustained and ''always on'' asset, ensuring continuous engagement and interest in the game. Team17 obtained more and more comprehensive insights into their creator community as Dare Drop orchestrated multiple drops throughout 2023, each featuring dares tailored to different occasions.

Endless Content Creation

689 Dares completed

Major Hole-in-Ones!

451% of target watch time on Twitch

Happiest Golfers Around

Over 90% would participate in the next drop

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