DareDrop GTFO Halloween Drop Cover

GTFO Halloween TikTok Spotlight

Unchartered Territories: 4.5m views in 5 hours!


The Steam Halloween Horror sale is a highly competitive and dense period to engage the horror gaming community. The publisher of GTFO, 10 chambers, were looking for new platforms and methods to make GTFO stand on top of the engagement charts at scale.


Building on their successful GTFO launch campaign collaboration, 10 Chambers partnered with Dare Drop again for a tailored Drop targeting horror gaming content creators on Twitch and TikTok. Dare Drop orchestrated a strategic initiative by spotlighting Halloween-themed gaming content on the front page of TikTok. Simultaneously, on Twitch, Dare Drop engaged with a multitude of creators, resulting in a remarkable 40% increase in average viewership throughout October 2023.

Huge Gains on Twitch

538% of target watch time on Twitch

Halloween TikTok Spotlight

4.5m Views on TikTok Gaming Front Page

Long Term Success

348% of Twitch watch time target in 2023

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