DareDrop Farming Sim 22 Drop Cover

Farming Sim Constant Drops

Constant Drops to increase engagement and drive down costs


Giants Software was in need of a scalable long-term solution with its existing creator ambassadors. Dare Drop's goal was to make their way of engaging with creators become more efficient. Dares were designed to assist new and existing creators adapt to the new update while making exciting new content.


Dare Drop made it easy for Giants Software to activate and engage its creator ambassadors by driving them to the Dare Drop platform where they could easily receive the updated assets and new DLC. Dare Drop created stackable Dares that shepherded 115 creators through the new DLC content, maps, and mechanics making it a seamless experience for all parties. Each Drop drove more UGC allowing Giants Software to deliver 3.2 million watch minutes.

Increased Avg Stream Times

8+ hours stream time per creator

A Good Season for Content Yields

383 content pieces created

A Plentiful Harvest

618% of the target campaign watch time

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