Driving Steam Wishlists

Debut Title Prelaunch Demo-lition Made Easy


Falling State Games is a brand new studio that was founded in 2023. Without a previously released game and prior audience, the team wanted their debut title, Earl vs the Mutants, to explode even before launch. Having a demo of the hit in their hands, The Falling State Games team needed help to exponentially drive Steam wishlists through creators without wasting precious manpower to research, list and reach out to them individually. 


Falling State Games demo was a perfect pathway to the Steam Next Fest and by using Dare Drop, they were able to hype up the community with the demo across Twitch & TikTok. Enrolled creators used this excitement to create viral content through reward driven Dares to drive communities to action.

With 2M TikTok views and 800K Twitch watch minutes in the bag, Dare Drop set Falling State Games on the map for a successful first launch with a creator audience eagerly waiting for more content to chew on.

Watch Time Mutation

Attributed to 50% of global watch minutes

TikTok <3 Earl vs Mutants

513% over target

Putting Miles on Retention

94% of creators are interested in the next Drop

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