Building a Repeatable Process for Engagement

Big Results on Short Notice


With release around the corner, Team17 were required to hit aggressive viewership and creator engagement targets in a short time frame for the release of Blasphemous II. A sequel to the highly praised original, this title needed access to pre-created publisher audiences to score big on Twitch.


By continuously using Dare Drop in the past, Team17 was ready to re-engage retained creators as reusable assets quickly to make this launch pop. All that Team 17 needed is to express which existing Metroidvania audiences to target and Dare Drop's proprietary audience sizing tool produced a list of hundreds of creators in their ecosystem. With Dare Drop, Team17 enrolled 282 creators to create 6.8M watch minutes that put Blasphemous II on the map.

All Hit Speedrun

1683% of target watch time!

Repeatable Success

100% of creators are interested in the next Drop

Scaling Quickly

282 creators streamed

10.6 hr avg stream time per creator

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