The Strategy for Strategy Creators

How Aliens: Dark Descent reached strategy creators to hit stream times 5x industry avg.


Focus Entertainment had never tapped into the Strategy genre before and needed help scaling paid and organic Creators that have audiences aligning with their game (strategy, 4 player co-op).


Dare Drop played a pivotal role in Focus Entertainment's strategy by zeroing in on creators in the strategy and co-op gaming niche, known for their robust audience retention during streams of analogous titles and gaming experiences. Tailored dares and challenges were crafted to highlight gameplay, guiding creators through the game on their streams. The implementation of co-op-focused Dares resulted in the creation of compelling collaborative content.

Dominating On Twitch

592 streams on Twitch

542 Avg. CCV (weighted)

Great Organic Participation

1,108% of campaign targets

Never Ending Content

677 Dares completed

Avg. 9 hours stream time per creator

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