Super Smash Bros. became an instant classic after releasing for the Nintendo 64 more than 20 years ago. With its fifth iteration on the Switch, the franchise remains one of the most popular in the streaming and eSports communities. Frequent updates add fighters and switch up the meta, keeping Smash Bros. near the top of Twitch’s most viewed games. Why not add your own flair to the battlefield with some dares and challenges? Here’s some of our favorite ideas to get you on your way:

Chat Has the Power

Head online with your audience in control. They pick your character, map, and preferred ruleset - let’s see how well you can fare.

PK Fire, PK Fire, PK Fire, PK Fire, PK Fire, PK...

What is Ness without his PK Fire or Captain Falcon without his Falcon Punch? See how many wins you can rack up using certain fighters without one or more of their moves.


Doable with any characters, restrict your ability to jump, throw, smash stick, or whatever else would make for an interesting dare.

Let Your Creativity Shine

What is the most ridiculous rule set or item list you can think of? There are some incredible opportunities here. One of the best ones we’ve seen is called Don’t Hit Isabelle. It’s just a typical stock battle, except you’re joined by a level one CPU Isablle who self-destructs when hit. Another amazing one is called Treasure Hunt, which is a 3-minute timed battle, with launch rate set to .5%, show damage off, and score display on. The only stage is The Great Cave Offensive and the only item is Special Flag.

Smash the Gauntlet

How best can you incorporate story mode? Even better - utilize multiple versions of Smash Bros. Here’s an idea: How quickly can you take down all five story modes on their toughest difficulties?

Controller Combos

We love when streamers create challenges involving alternative controllers, but Super Smash Bros. can let you take this up a notch. Win with Donkey Kong using the DK Bongos, Duck Hunt with an NES Zapper, or Mario with his steering wheel. What other combinations can you think of?


Take on the best of the best and put it all on the line in Elite Smash. Any of these challenges would become even more captivating against the most worthy opponents.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Increase the difficulty by adding in some real-world components to your dares. Complete any of these in the dark, blindfolded, or while eating or drinking. How wild are you or your audience willing to go?

What do you want to see out of Super Smash Bros. challenges and dares? Let’s see in the comments below!

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