Welcome to Dare Drop! We're excited to have you join our community of creators and gamers who love a challenge.

What is Dare Drop? As a creator, you can use Dare Drop in two ways!

1. Dares - Dares are a way for creators to complete challenges made by viewers. Viewers can support the creator by pledging money to the dares. If the creator completes the dare, the money is rewarded!

2. Drops - Creators complete dares made by our game partners! If you complete the challenges on your channel, you win rewards for your viewers like game keys, swag, in-game content, etc.

How do I get started?

The best thing you can do is head straight to Dare Drop and create your account. From there you'll be prompted to create a profile, add our OBS integrations, and accept your first Drop.

How do Drops work?

1. After creating your account, head to the https://daredrop.com/drops and select the game you'd like you play.
2. On the game's drop page accept any/all of the dares you want to try to complete!
3. After accepting your first dare, we email you a game key so you can stream.

Lastly, when you complete the dares we'll need proof. So you'll need to submit a clip completing the dare, we verify it, and then send the reward of more game keys that you can give away to viewers.

Am I required to do anything else for Drops?

Nope! There are no requirements around stream length, banners, logos, or anything. The way drops work is simple. The more challenges you complete on stream, the more rewards you win for your viewers.

Do I need to promote Dare Drop?

No. While we love if you'd shout us out, we by no means require you to plug Dare Drop when you are streaming our game partners games. Please give the love to the game makers!

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQ or pop into #support on Dare Drop's discord.