A key drop is when you get a free game key to play the game on your stream. When you do dares on stream in that game you earn additional keys to give to your viewers.

Viewers love key drops! Our streamers’ viewer numbers tend to double when they’re doing key drops. Who doesn’t like free stuff & the chance to play with their favorite streamer?!

Key drops hype newly released games. Participating gets your fans the inside scoop on great games and lets you play them yourself, for free!

Since game developers approach us to do key drops, our community (you) gets to be on the cutting edge of hot new games. If the games start trending on Twitch, your stream is perfectly poised to grow since the added exposure leads directly to the streamers already playing the game - you! Viewers will cheering you on in completing more dares so they can get a chance to get free keys & get in on the action. It’s a big win all around!

How Do I Start?

We have multiple Key Drops happening right now! Make sure you're logged in, click on the "Getting Started" dare to be sent a free game key - then you're all set to start streaming the game & completing dares. If you're not signed up, you'll have to do that first.

Just like any other dare on Dare Drop, when you complete the dare, clip it & go back to the dare page on the site (or the extension) and click the "Set Goal" or the "Deliver Dare Video" button. Give us the link to your clip and we'll send you the keys you won.

Once you complete the dare, run a giveaway on stream with the number of winners equaling the number of keys you won from the dare. Collect the names of the winners and we'll send you keys once the dare is verified.

Are Key Drops For Anyone?

In order to participate as a streamer in a key drop, you have to be an affiliate or a partner on Twitch, or have at least 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Do you mostly stream one game, or a small set of games? Don’t count yourself out! Remember variety streamers tend to have less income variability & better longevity than specialists (with narrow exceptions). Build your stream, not their game. You can always go back to ladder grinding later.