You have started to build your first Dare Drop campaign. You have your keys, your assets all ready and now you’re at the most fun part… Making the dares! Before you launch your first Dare Drop campaign we recommend you review these tips to ensure you get the most out of the platform and our creators. 

Have at least 8 dares, but we recommend more

We’ve found that the more dares you have, the more likely your game is to:

  • Appeal to a variety of creators from casual streamers to achievement hunters
  • Increase stream times from Dare Drop creators

For most publishers, the sweet-spot is somewhere between 8-12 dares starting out. However, the more the merrier. 

Mix up the difficulty

As we alluded to in our previous tip - you’ll get the most of Dare Drop’s creators by appealing to as many as possible! Having a mixture of easy dares that creators can complete in 30-60 minutes of gameplay, with harder dares for the achievement hunters will lead to the best results.

Here are some great examples from a game drop Surgeon Simulator 2 ran:

One of the most popular dares in the campaign was the ‘Replace all of Bob’s Limbs with heads’. This dare was not only funny, but fairly easy for gamers of all skill sets. 

Here’s a clip of BeccaKinzGaming completing that dare! 

This Dare was no joke! One of the hardest dares from Surgeon Simulator’s campaign was to Complete all 11 campaign levels, solo or with friends in one sitting.

Of course, this Dare was no problem for RealKayle who completed the game in a 24 hour stream :). Check out the Dare here

Match the challenge with the reward

One important thing to take note of from the example above - the loot for fans matched the difficulty of the dare. For easier dares, you see Surgeon Simulator 2 gave loot from other titles of the developer Bossa Studios. The harder dares was where you could win the keys for the new title. 

Go past gameplay - Do cosplay

Another way to attract as many creators as possible is to mix up the dare types. While gameplay and speedruns are very popular, it’s also important to note that some creators just want to have fun with their viewers.

Here’s a dare from our Heaven Dust drop where game publisher Monster Couch dared creators to stream the game in their best zombie cosplay. We think Ravynia nailed it!

Engage the streamers audience 

One of the best things about Dare Drop is its ability to not only engage streamers but their audiences too. The folks at Humble Games had a clever idea for their drop. They dared creators to let the viewers control where each item goes with the dare “Backseat Gaming”.

This not only was fun for streamers, but the viewers too! And, there were certainly some memorable moments

Use Soundtracks or DLC

It’s important to remember that the rewards for fans can go beyond just game keys. Soundtracks, DLC, or even swag can be used to reward streamers and their audiences!

In the campaign with Super Cable Boy, you can see how the developer rewarded viewers with Original Soundtrack Keys (OST). 

Now that you’ve had a chance to see what some of our other partners have done for dares, what are you waiting for?!?! Get started building your campaign today!