We recently asked one of our favorite Twitch streamers, DeadPirateBrandon, how he’s found success in getting his viewers to make Dares consistently. Here are a few of his best tips:

Give Examples

When introducing Dare Drop to your stream, give examples of Dares that you would be interested in completing! You can do this live or you can go into Dare Drop yourself and create some Dares  for the stream. 

Be Reasonable

Make sure to let your viewers know Dares should be reasonable. Setting expectations and guidelines  about what you are or are not comfortable doing on stream will create a better experience for both streamer and audience alike.

Ask for Dares to Complete Right Then and There

Encourage your viewers to make dares that can be completed live, during the current stream. IRL challenges are a great example -- … Brandon's chat once dared him to watch a funny video with a mouthful of milk. A bit messy, but definitely funny.

Check out that dare here!

If You Get An Epic Dare, Promote It!

When someone makes you that epic dare don’t just complete it, promote it! You might not be able to complete the Dare on your current stream but if your viewers are really interested, it's a great opportunity to build hype for an upcoming stream.

Brandon’s chat dared him to pour chocolate syrup over himself on stream (another messy one) a few months ago. Since it required some planning he used it as a way to build hype for an upcoming stream where he would complete it.

Check out DeadPirateBrandon's dare 'Pump It' here!

Cater To The Games You Play

Are you a Dead By Daylight streamer? Call of Duty? Hearthstone? Ask for dares that highlight your skill and, even better, ensure something hilarious will happen. You know your favorite game, what’s something you want to show off? Think you can win a round of Apex with just one hand or take down a Dark Souls boss blindfolded? Let’s see it!

Thanks to DeadPirateBrandon for sharing some of his best tips for getting more Dare Drop engagement. When introducing Dare Drop to your stream try out some of Brandon’s tips to make the most of it. Painting the picture is half the battle and will lead to your audience making dares more consistently.

DeadPirateBrandon's dare page as well as his socials below:

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