Supergiant Games Hades is the talk of the indie game town. This highly praised roguelike based on Greek mythology is so big, in fact, that it was in the running for the Game of the Year award. It's also been named game of the year by multiple outlets like Polygon. Not only is it great fun but also has a lot of potential for challenges thanks to the Pact of Punishment that helps you create your own Hades challenges.

Here Be Giants

Charge headfirst into battle against the Titans themselves. Set up your Pact with Calisthenics Program, Benefits Package and Damage Control to beef up the majority of enemies in your run. Add Hard Labor if you want more punishment.

Eat The Rich

Also known as the Living on the Poverty Line run. For this money-starved Hades challenge, you’ll need Convenience Fee and Approval Process to kiss your financial independence goodbye.

The Floor is Lava

Do you enjoy dealing with damaging stuff on the ground? Then you’ll love this Pact of Punishment setup. Take Heightened Security and add Forced Overtime to play the world’s cruellest game of the Floor is Lava.

Sophie’s Choice

If trying to escape the bowels of Greek hell wasn’t hard enough, you can always add hard choices to the mix. Set your Pact of Punishment up with Underworld Customs and Approval Process, and try not to die from choice paralysis.

No Time to Explain

How about a Speed Run with a wicked twist? This Hades challenge involves combining the Floor is Lava setup with Tight Deadline and Hard Labor to really make you quick on your feet. 

Fear the Swarm

If you’re feeling like there aren’t enough enemies on the screen at one time, give this Hades Challenge a whirl. You can start off with Jury Summons plus Middle Management and if that’s not enough, throw in Hard Labor.

Zagreus Must Die

Zagreus is pretty strong for his size but can he take a beating? You can find out by combining Lasting Consequences with Forced Overtime and Hard Labor. Add Heightened Security if you want more pain.

Foes with Benefits

Make the Elite enemies in the game... Eliter. Set your Pact up with Benefits Package plus Extreme Measures and add Hard Labor, Damage Control and Forced Overtime. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Me and My Blade

The Sophie’s Choice challenge plus forcing yourself to not take any boons and use nothing but your weapon of choice. You can be extra cruel to yourself by adding Routine Inspection.

Speed Run

An oldie but a goodie. For this Hades challenge, try to beat a regular run as fast as possible. The current world record for an Any% run of Hades sits at a bit over 7 minutes. Think you can beat it?

True Greek Legend

This is the ultimate Hades challenge. Set the game to Hell Mode, add Here Be Giants conditions at highest rank and play with nothing but your weapon. Beat the game this way and Zeus himself will hand you the keys to Olympus.

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