Thanks to a slate of constant updates over the last few years, Dead by Daylight, the survival horror video game from Behaviour Interactive, has transformed into a streaming hit. Stalk your prey as Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger, or one of the many other killers or team up with three buddies and try to escape with your lives. Here’s a few ideas for adding new wrinkles to your next frightening broadcast:

Take Your Pick

Dead by Daylight features 23 survivors and 21 killers (though some are only available via DLC), each with three distinct perks. Killers even boast their own strengths, weaknesses, and a unique power. How many different characters can you win a game with during one stream?

Around the World

There are currently 15 Realms and 35 Maps to play in Dead by Daylight. While each trial’s location is chosen randomly by The Entity, you can influence the choice by burning certain Offerings. Think you can venture to each map within one stream?

What Can You Achieve?

Regardless of your platform, there are plenty of achievements or trophies to chase. Work toward one (or more of them) specifically during a stream for a targeted challenge. The ‘Adept’ achievements are among the least complete on Steam. These challenges require you to achieve a merciless victory with a specific killer or escape with a specific survivor in a public match while only using their three unique perks.

I’m Coming Tome

Tomes, found in Dead by Daylight’s Archives, are limited time events with some added challenges and the ability to earn new cosmetics. Coordinate dares and challenges with the launch of a new Tome and leverage that added content into increased viewership.

Stop...Murder Time

Dead by Daylight requires both survivors and killers to remain in near constant motion. Think you can still complete your objectives after being dared to stop moving for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or even longer?

4K Resolution

As a killer, do you think you can murder all four survivors in one round? If that’s too easy for you, add some more variables to the mix - whether that be restricting your perks, limiting your choice of killer, or whatever else would make for an enjoyable experience for both you and your audience.

Feeling Perky?

Perks can make a killer even more fearsome or add some survivability to a survivor’s toolkit. Can you win a round by only using the base perks that have been allotted to you? Doing so as a survivor isn’t too difficult, but it’s a bit tougher challenge for the killer.

The Weird and Wonderful

Some of our favorite Dead by Daylight dares are the strangest and most creative challenges. TheNecromi was dared to stuff a giant marshmallow in their mouth anytime a skill check was missed or the killer hit them -- we thought that one was awesome! They were also dared to be blindfolded in a match for 15 minutes.

Skill Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Simply surviving too easy for you? Increase the challenge by only allowing yourself to move if you complete a skill check. Missed one? That’s too bad, you’re now stuck until another one comes up. Do you have any other ideas for adding some challenge to your typical tasks?

The Will of the People

When in doubt, offer some control to your audience. Let them choose your killer or survivor, allow them to tinker with your loadout, or whatever else you think will increase viewership and engagement. At the end of the day you know your audience best, so be sure to take that into account!

We want to hear your amazing ideas for more Dead by Daylight challenges and dares. Let’s see them in the comments below!