Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is – if you can believe it – the 16th installment of the seminal series and the first from Infinity Ward since Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (2016). The newest iteration of the first-person shooter has been a smashing success, not just by leveraging its longstanding position as one of the genre’s best but by also adding a free, standalone battle royale game mode, Warzone. It should come as no surprise that its popularity has materialized on streaming platforms as well; it has consistently pulled in substantial viewership since the launch of Warzone in March 2020.

Whether you’re playing the base campaign, messing around with a buddy in Special Ops, or running rampant in Warzone, here are some dare ideas to help your COD stream stand out.

On the Campaign Trail

Trophy Hunter

We’re sure you’ve completed the campaign by now, but have you checked off every achievement/trophy? Some of the toughest include “Out of the Fire” (Complete every single player mission on Veteran or Realism difficulty), “Golden Path” (Complete 'Clean House' without being hit using one bullet per threat), and “We Own the Night” (Kill all enemies at the Church, Clocktower, and Pool without anyone calling for backup). If you’re on PlayStation, the platinum trophy is always a fun challenge to work toward.

Go Your Own Way

Go beyond the in-game achievements and create your own challenge – better yet, have your audience create some for you! Complete the campaign using only a specific set of guns and equipment, complete the campaign under a set amount of time, or complete the campaign killing as few enemies as possible. The opportunities are endless if you’re willing to get creative with it.

Drum Up Something New

Whip up challenges outside of the game to mix things up even more. Complete a mission on the “veteran” or “realism” difficulties using an alternative controller (Donkey Kong bongos anyone?) or while blindfolded. Again, there are a ton of opportunities to go crazy and pull in some new viewers.

Something Special

Show Me the Way

Have your audience dare you to complete a Special Ops Operations in a specific way – stealthily carry out your task or run in guns blazing, it’s up to them! Limit your loadout or add another unique twist to the task.

Gotta Go Fast

Can you earn a 3-star ranking on each Special Ops Mission or, dare I say, even beat one of  Infinity Ward’s time trials?

How Long Can You Last? / ‘Horders'

Special Ops Survival, the waved-based horde mode, is no longer exclusive to PlayStation as of this month. I dare you to survive for 30 minutes, an hour, or even longer! For any of these Special Ops categories, you could play alongside your fellow streamers or even invite your audience to join you for some awesome added interaction.      

Make Love not Warzone

Mix Things Up

When it comes to Warzone, the standalone, 150-player battle royale mode, it may become repetitive after a while, especially for the most gifted FPS players. Spice things up by attempting to win in new and challenging ways: silenced weapons or pistols only, playing solo amongst squads, or an all-melee loadout with simply a riot shield and combat knife.

1v1 Me

The Gulag is a great opportunity to show off your skills. Apply any of these challenges in this fight for redemption for an even more intense showdown. 

Squad Up

Warzone is another great opportunity to involve other streamers or members of your audience. Invite them to join your squad and maybe they’ll even help you knock out a few dares while you’re at it. This will go a long way in fostering your relationship with viewers, regardless of the game you’re streaming. Just make sure you don’t do it too often.

For more on how to utilize Dare Drop on stream check out some tips from Twitch streamer DeadPirateBrandon.

Have any more great ideas for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare challenges, whether for the base campaign, Special Ops, or Warzone? Let’s see them in the comments below!

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