Before digging into this article, we strongly recommend you check out our article on getting set up on Dare Drop (< 5 minutes).

In this article we aim to help provide best practices for using Dare Drop and answer some FAQs that come AFTER you've already set up your account.

How We Charge Pledgers

We don't charge your fans for their pledges until the Dare clip has been uploaded by you and confirmed complete by the Dare Drop team. While we do collect PayPal information upon Dare creation, it's simply to confirm that the payment channel exists.

Dares remain public for 25 Days. If you don't complete the Dare in that time period then it expires.

Accept/Reject Dares

When you receive a Dare you should Accept or Reject the Dare. Accepted Dares will allow you to then upload your clip once you've completed the Dare.

Rejecting the Dare will get rid of it completely.

To Accept/Reject Dares simply go to "My Profile" in the drop down menu on, click on the Dare, and accept/reject.

Note: If you have not yet authenticated your Twitch, you will not see the option to accept or reject your Dares. You can authenticate from the same page, and return to accept or reject.

The Approval Process

After you've completed a Dare you'll need to upload a clip to the Dare on Once the clip is uploaded, the Dare Drop team will review your Dare to confirm its completion. This usually takes <24 hours. Once the Dare is approved, payment will be processed in <48 hours.

Crowdfunding Dares

One of the best features on Dare Drop is the ability for you to crowdfund Dares. Crowdfunding Dares allows you to increase donations from fans or build hype for an upcoming stream (like a cooking stream or something out of the norm).

To crowdfund a Dare you first need to accept it. After you do that you'll see an option on the Dare to "Set a Goal".

After you set a goal on your Dare we recommend you build hype for it and promote it with your fans! You can do that by adding it to your chatbot or creating an overlay for it on your stream.

Try Making A Dare For Yourself!

After signing up, we recommend you make a Dare for yourself. Create the Dare, accept it, and set a goal with ease. This lets you see how it works for your viewers and also gives you a chance to try everything we mentioned above.

Collaborate With Other Streamers

Dares can have as many 10 streamers on them. That means you can collaborate with other streamers to build viewer excitement for something like a 1v1 or team fight. Once payment is processed, the total is split among the streamers on the Dare based on the goal amounts set. So you can work with bigger or smaller streamers with different splits - or just split it equally.

The Dare Twitch Panel Extension vs

We made the Twitch extension to make the viewer experience as seamless as possible. That said, due to Twitch's TOS there are a few key differences between the extension and the website.

First, it's important to note that Dares made on the Twitch extension are done with Twitch Bits. That means that Dares made with Bits are actually considered "Contributions" rather than "Pledges." Fans who make you Dares from the panel extension are charged immediately.

Secondarily, Dares made on the website DO NOT display on the Twitch extension. However, Dares made on the extension WILL appear on the website.

Some streamers use both and let their viewers decide while others choose one to keep things simple.

Using Chatbot and Commands to Promote Dares

When our streamers are going to complete dares during a stream, they commonly use the command !dare or !dares in their stream title. Adding it to your title shows your fans that you want Dares for that stream without having to constantly ping chat to make you Dares.

In addition to the command, we recommend sending a chatbot notification every now and again. Our panel extension gives you the option to customize how often to ping viewers (e.g. every 3 minutes). Set that time at whatever feels right to you.

Our Logos + Explanation

If you don't plan on using our Twitch extension, we do recommend you add our logos as well as a brief explanation on what Dare Drop is into your panel section to encourage your fans to use Dare Drop to interact with you.

Hyperlink the logo to your Dare profile page. If you're not sure what URL that is: Go to, select the dropdown in the top right corner, and then select "My Profile". That URL is your profile page :) [You'll have to auth Twitch before you can edit your profile.]

Don't forget to add a quick blurb under the image to let your viewers know what kind of Dares you want and what Dare Drop is.

Ex. "Create challenges, requests, and Dares on Dare Drop and I will try them out on stream!"

Dare Drop is Not Just For Streaming

Let your fans know, Dares aren't just for Twitch. You can complete Dares on any platform!

More Questions?

If you have more questions we recommend you check out our FAQ or message us in the #support channel on our discord.