Phasmophobia, the co-op psychological horror game from Kinetic Games, has suddenly become one of the best performing titles on stream. Whether you’re hunting ghosts alone - if you dare - or teaming up with some buddies, you’re guaranteed to put on a great show. Why stop there though? Throw in some challenges or dares from your audience to really make things spooky. Here’s some ideas to get you started:


Phasmophobia is at its most difficult when taking on the ghost alone. Can you complete all four objectives without more than one player in the building at once?

A Candlelit Evening

No flashlights, no light switches, just candlelight. Are you up to the task? If you’re feeling extra mad - how about only using the light from your thermometer.

Lights Out

Lights?! We don’t need no lights. Investigate an entire location from start to finish with no light at all. Just how afraid of the dark are you? 

That’s Insane

Play chicken with your sanity meter and see how low it can get without dying.

Say My Name, Say My Name

The ghost usually doesn’t like when you say its name - have some fun with that! Can you go an entire round with literally only speaking the ghost’s name?

Shorthanded Goals

Restrict your team from picking up more than one item at a time for a quick and easy challenge.

Wisdom of the Crowd

Have your audience call the shots for a round. They can set your loadout, pick the map, even choose your character model. Do you trust them to fill out your journal and guess the ghost type at the end?

Blind as a Bat

Throw on a blindfold and see how many objectives you can clear and with only the game’s audio queues to guide you. You could also rely solely on chat’s guidance for some added challenge!

Eyes Up   /   Eye Tracker? I hardly know her!

Can you last in the haunted room in the dark for five minutes without taking your eyes off the screen? Use a Tobii eye tracker to prove that you aren’t cheating. Any other interesting ways you can use your eye tracker in Phasmophobia challenges?

Set the Mood

Are you brave enough to play with your front door open and the lights off IRL? I don’t think you are…

Shots for Screams

A fun weekend dare (or I guess any time if you’re feeling up to it), take a shot for every jump scare in a round or two. How drunk do you think you’ll be by the end?

Do Virtually Anything

Play Phasmophobia in VR for an extra eerie stream. Try any of the previously mentioned dares or dream up a challenge that can only be tackled in virtual reality. What can you come up with?

We just know you have some more amazing ideas for Phasmophobia challenges -  let’s see them in the comments below!